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MS: Valentine by gaybun MS: Valentine by gaybun

EDIT: Updated Valentine's app with the full art and added his music themes!! Enjoy! ` v `/


Name: Valentine Steele
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: USA (Louisiana)

:bulletpink:Confident | Sassy | Bubbly | Flirtatious | Extroverted | Young
:bulletblack:Fickle | Self-absorbed | Inappropriate | Wild | Entertainment junkie

★Valentine is a very fun person who absolutely loves to live life in the moment. He is always focused on what's the most exciting thing, the newest thing, the most fashionable thing. Because of this he's very fashionable and savvy about pop culture. He's always concerned about what's pretty and looking his best, and places a lot of importance on his appearance. Because of this, however, he can be seen as shallow and has a reputation of being very fickle.
Valentine loves to party and is only concerned with enjoying his youth, everything is a game and nothing is serious, so he can also be very shortsighted and doesn't care about preparing for the future. Perhaps frustratingly though, he also has a way of working things out for himself with his superfluous charm and optimism. When he fails at something, however, the result is terrible and he has a tendency to fall into a rut of frustration and anger.
Valentine is a huge diva, perhaps the biggest diva in the entire world, and he doesn't care about whether or not his behavior is suitable for a male. He cares about himself and believes that he deserves the best, and his attitude has claimed many victims in the past. He puts a lot of emphasis on being fierce and never letting anyone push him down. It is very hard to discourage Valentine once he has set his mind to something.
However, Valentine also gets bored with things quickly and always wants to move onto something bigger and better. It's hard to get his attention on something and when he is paying attention, he's absolutely sensationally enthralled with it...until he gets bored. This behavior also causes him to rapidly jump from boyfriend to boyfriend and the worst part is that he's not aware of it at all.
Despite his good sense about most things, he is remarkably stupid when it comes to some things, like understanding other people and getting over himself. He hates being told that though, and works best with people who admire him and complement him.
Valentine also thrives on praise and loves affection, and must be showered in it constantly to feel like he is at his best. He seeks attention and love from other people, thinking that he's so great, why shouldn't everyone think the same way?

Underneath it all, though, Valentine truly treats those he loves well. He is very protective out of natural big brother instinct from taking so much care of Rosie, and is apt to act like a big brother to those he sees as smaller and more naive than himself. He can be too concerned with fun and his own endeavors, but when his loved one needs him, he will give all of himself to their well being.

★Valentine was the firstborn son to his parents and was their only child for a good 13 years. They were a poor little family who lived on the bad side of a small town in Whitefair, Louisiana. Their house was small and they struggled to make ends meet, but when he was so little, Valentine didn't notice or care.
As a child he was very precocious and got into everything, though he was especially curious about his mother's workplace. She was a seamstress and as well as repairing clothes, even made some on the side as special orders for people in town. It wasn't a very glamorous job, but to Valentine, it was the most interesting thing in the world. He loved watching his mother sew and create her own designs, mostly because she was much nicer to be around than his father. She let him do what made him feel good about himself, whereas his father pressured him to do things that 'normal boys' did, like play sports or order his mom around. Valentine hated that and avoided his dad a lot.
Valentine's mother, Julia, was always supportive of her son and glad that he was so sweet and such a mama's boy, since her husband had a tendency to stay out drinking rather than come home to his life with a wife and kid. Valentine and his mother were so close, he even asked to wear her high heels to his first day of school.
While Julia approached Valentine's quirky femininity with acceptance and amusement, however, Valentine's father rejected it completely and punished Valentine for his tendency towards 'girly' things like clothes and socializing and fashion. As Valentine got older his relationship with his father worsened because he was also angry at his father's disrespect towards his mother. Since his father was a drunk, he was often violent towards her, and one night when he was around 13 years old he beat Valentine severely out of anger and embarrassment for his son's personality.
In his room that night, Valentine swore that he would never let anybody walk over him again, and from then on began to become more and more confident in himself.
Later that year, Julia had another child, a daughter that she named Rosaline. Valentine liked to call her Rosie, and from the first moment that he saw his baby sister he promised that he would always protect her, and thought she was the most precious person in the world. He adored his baby sister, and because of his parents' demanding jobs and failing relationship, was usually the one who took care of her too.
When Rosie got old enough to go to school, she was bullied because her family was too poor to afford nicer clothing for her. Valentine thought this was unacceptable but his mother told him they had no money to buy better clothing. Valentine said it didn't matter, and that he would make it himself if he had to, all for his little sister. Julia humored his endeavor, thinking nothing would come of it and gave Valentine one of her old thimbles as a sign of her encouragement. Valentine studied fashion and clothes making and actually ended up producing many adorable outfits for Rosie out of spare supplies from Julia's shop. Julia's friends asked how she made them and to their surprise, she told them that her son had made them himself.
Word quickly spread around the small town about Valentine's talent for fashion and soon, the family had even made extra money selling some clothing Valentine had made. Valentine knew then that he wanted to be a fashion designer for the rest of his life and even started making his own clothes to wear, as well as set up a website for people to order his ensembles online.

Soon enough, word of Valentine's talents reached his father's ears. He was livid, saying that Valentine had become a huge embarrassment to the whole family and that he was ashamed to have such a son. It was then that Valentine, Julia, and Rosie stood up to him, saying they were unhappy to have such a cruel man in their family, and kicked him out of the house that very night. Valentine's parents went through a long and nasty divorce after that, and his father left the family with nothing but a meager amount of belongings and Julia's shop to keep. They were even poorer than before, living from a motel room and cheap fast food. Valentine went to the public library to check his online shop orders, and it was then that he received a very special one.
A very famous upcoming starlet had liked his designs and wanted a huge order of them to wear for his first tour. At the age of only 19, Valentine worked with Julia and Rosie for a whole summer to fill the giant order and with the money they were able to get by a little better. Soon afterward, Valentine's designs reached massive popularity from being advertised by that starlet who had become wildly famous, and Valentine quickly started earning enough money with his newfound popularity to buy his family a lovely home on the wealthy side of town and to let Julia retire. He made a couture fashion boutique out of Julia's old shop, which now brings in enough money to support his mother and little sister very comfortably.

Currently, Valentine is hard at work with his business, being only 21 with an exorbitant amount of cash to blow. His mother handles the finances and Rosie is doing quite well in elementary school.


Magical Name: Passion Pink
Color: Pink
Quote: "A sweet kiss from your Valentine! Passionate Pink Power!"
Stellar Power: 1

♥☆♥Heart Gem: Roxanne thimble
Valentine's heart gem is a small, ornate thimble that his mother gave to him the first time he ever tried to sew clothing. It reminds him of his family and of his precious little sister, Rosie, who gives him the strength to remain confident in himself. The thimble is made of silver and Monoceros fused his pink heart gem onto it where the thimble's design formed a heart shape.
He keeps the thimble in his pocket at all times and puts it on to activate his mahou form.

♥☆♥Angelus: { Monoceros } - { HorseUnicornPegasus } - { ♂ }

Angelus Bio: Monoceros was a very important guy on Angellion. He worked directly alongside the Mistress of Angellion as one of her most trusted advisors, as well as went on missions to carry messages throughout galaxies for her. In the time between, Monoceros was also the most famous designer on Angellion and organized all the social events for the Mistress, a master of all things that needed to be coordinated. He loved the Mistress dearly and always thought that she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful, lovely lady in the universe. He believed that nobody could match her beauty, but that was also no excuse not to try.
Since Monoceros was well known throughout Angellion for his fashions and his prestigious position beside the Mistress, he also made it a point to know many of his fellow Angeluses. He was well-liked for his confident and upbeat attitude and lived to bring beauty to Angellion.
However, when the attack came upon his beloved planet and Mistress, Monoceros's life changed completely. He fought to stay by her side and protect his lovely Mistress, but he was convinced of his greater purpose and escaped Angellion for the good of all those he had known and befriended before.
As time passed on his journey, Monoceros worried deeply for his friends and for the Mistress, saddened and hurt by the loss. He had almost lost his faith in beauty...and then he met Valentine.

Encounter: Valentine and Rosie were out together in the backyard one night because Rosie wanted to catch fireflies. Valentine thought the whole thing was gross but sucked it up for his little sister's sake. In the middle of it, they saw shooting stars and watched as a bright light crashed into the woods just beyond their property. Valentine didn't know if it was safe to go, but Rosie ran off towards it in excitement.
Worried that she would get hurt, Valentine chased after her and came upon the crater that Monoceros had crashed into with her. It was then that they found Monoceros, who looked tired and hungry after his journey. Valentine carefully comforted Monoceros and led him back to the stables to groom him and feed him. When Monoceros was finally feeling better, he spoke to Valentine and scared the shit out of both siblings.
Valentine heard out Monoceros's story and was skeptical of the arrangement he wanted to make, but with Rosie's encouragement he accepted, Monoceros chose Valentine as his super soldier and Rosie watched the two exchange hearts.

Monoceros believes that Valentine has all the natural grace and confidence that he once admired in the Mistress, even if he expresses it in a different way. He knows that Valentine has a good heart underneath his wild exterior and hopes to groom him into the best soldier he can be.

Present: It took awhile for Valentine to get used to the fact that he is friends with a talking horse, but he eventually did. Rosie got comfortable with the whole thing pretty immediately, and although she is young she is smart enough not to talk about a talking horse to anybody. Monoceros is happy living in the stables but demanded a redecoration, so his stable is less like a stable, and more like a little apartment. He even has a TV.
Valentine and Monoceros are very similar to each other, both divas with fashion mindsets. Currently, Valentine is doing well with his business and Monoceros is always offering him creative things to add to his designs. In their free time they hang out with Rosie and practice Valentine's aim with Sadalbari.

♥☆♥Weapon: Bow & Arrow
Name: Sadalbari
Description: 'Sadalbari' is derived from an Arabic term meaning 'lucky star of the splendid one' and is the name of a star in in the Pegasus constellation. That star shines brightly enough to be seen with the naked eye, and with that as inspiration Monoceros created a beautiful weapon that any soldier would be proud to use. The bow has white and pink feathers with metal accents and grip. It is lightweight and easy to use.

♥☆♥Mahou Move Set:

Heart Ache
☆ {Stellar Power Shot - Long Range ATK}
→ Because collecting fallen arrows during a fight would be inconvenient (and Monoceros thinks it looks stupid) Valentine has learned to channel stellar power from Monoceros into a concentrated arrow shot. This attack glows with pink light and sparks when charging and releases a flurry of rose petals and sparkles when it collides with a target.


:bulletpink:Monoceros designed his mahou form to be both handsome and cute, mimicking a shining knight on a white horse.
:bulletpink:Always carries a fashion emergency kit.
:bulletpink:Has a total of 12 piercings and 9 tattoos.
:bulletpink:Works some nights as a DJ at a club in the city.
:bulletpink:Sells his own designer label under the name 'Valentine'.
:bulletpink:Refuses to dress in anything other than pastel punk/soft grunge.
:bulletpink:Valentine is not his real name, but his real name is a secret.
:bulletpink:Surprisingly good at math.
:bulletpink:Has a talent for making insults.
:bulletpink:Whitefair is not a real place (that I know of).

Monoceros - Monoceros and Valentine share the same fashion diva mindset and are often very in-tune about things. However, while Monoceros's attitude is tempered by sense, he has to check Valentine's behavior because he knows Valentine is still very young and wild.

Rosaline (Rosie) Steele - Rosie is Valentine's beloved little sister. Most of his confidence comes from knowing that he needs to set a good example for her. Rosie idolizes Valentine and wants to be just as cool as him someday.

Julia Steele - Julia is Valentine and Rosie's mother. She knows that her children are strange and doing weird things, but turns her cheek for the sake of giving them a sense of normalcy. She supports her son in all his weirdness, but teases him too.

Rayn - Valentine often hires Rayn to model his designs for him, since he thinks Rayn's style fits perfectly with his taste in design. Valentine counts Rayn as his #1 best friend besides their work together and when things get too stressful (work, romance, or otherwise) he always goes to Rayn for relief. To Valentine's great pleasure, Rayn is good at relieving his stress in many ways.

♥☆♥Character Themes:

{Main Theme}
{My Name is Valentine}
{Super Soldier Passion Pink}
{Endless Style, Infinite Fashion}
{Life is a Dream}
{Everybody Knows My Name}
{Irresistible Charm}
{I Am A King}
{Get Ready!}
{Time for Battle!!}
{Tension Fight}
{Best Baby Sister in the Galaxy}


{My Name is Monoceros}
{Beautiful Strategy}


{Journey Away From Angellion, Remembering the Mistress}
{Unstoppable Together}
{Lazy Day}
{We're the Best}


{My Friends Have No Fashion Sense (ALL) }


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